Management Consulting

Large Scale Thinking

KaiZult provides management consulting services to developers, consultants, and construction firms that are interested in the application of Kaizen processes in the construction industry..

  • Our founders are publishing a book, “KaiZult – Consulting Re-Engineered”, detailing the KaiZult philosophy, processes, and systems.
  • KaiZult operates in a unique business model that minimizes overhead, achieves continuous improvement and constant innovation, promotes customer loyalty, and attracts, retains, and develops the best of the best. We believe that the KaiZult Business Model can be adapted to any organization.
  • KaiZult has developed a Customer Experience Management System that ensures the co-creation of remarkable experiences while effectively delivering complex programs and projects.
  • KaiZult utilizes a proprietary, Agile Project Management System, which we believe is the key to successful project management in a rapidly changing and ever-integrating Construction/Consulting industry.
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Key Services

KaiZult provides Program and Project Management Services from the inception to the commissioning of large and very large program and projects worldwide.

  • Service Design
  • Kaizen Engineering Consulting
  • Agile Project and Design Management in Construction
  • Organizational Architecture Design
  • Productization of Engineering Services
  • Customer Experience Management
  • ATAWAD Service Delivery (any time/ any where/ any device)

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