KaiZourcing Services

KaiZult utilizes its Project Management and Design Management expertise, systems, and processes to facilitate the Outsourcing of design & engineering services worldwide for developers, consultants, and contractors..

  • KaiZult has built a network of sub-consultants around the world that can provide the best value proposition on design & engineering services.
  • KaiZult has developed a complete due diligence and selection process, to vet its sub-consultant network, which includes a detailed evaluation of financial capabilities, technical expertise, resource availability, quality control, and health and safety, including on-location inspection.
  • KaiZult utilizes its proprietary process, Productization Engineering Services, to develop clear outsourcing strategies that improves cash flow, reduces costs, and minimizes risks, while protecting the value chain.
  • KaiZult provides all the IT systems and tools required to contract, manage, and successfully deliver design & engineering projects through outsourcing.

Key Services

KaiZult can provide multi-skill, engineering services, from Europe, USA, Latin-America, India, and the Philippines, in English, Arabic, French, German, and Spanish.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Pre-operations planning
  • Maintenance Planning
  • Feasibility & Concept Studies
  • Pre-FEED Studies
  • Decommissioning Strategies
  • Capital improvement
  • Asset investment planning
  • Outage management

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