Consulting Re-Engineered

Our Mission

"At KaiZult, we help our clients develop and execute strategies to embrace rapid change, manage risks, and assure the outcomes that create exceptional value while maintaining continuous improvement and achieving constant innovation."

- Peter Porrello and Julio Maggi
- Founding Partners -

Program and Project Management

Large capital programs, generally include single mega-projects and/or related multiple projects often spread across wide geographies.

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Design Management and Coordination

Design management and coordination, especially on large Design and Build Projects, requires highly-experienced, trained experts who can manage multi- skilled, multicultural, design teams working in different stages of the design process and, normally, from multiple design firms, simultaneously working in multiple locations and time zones.

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Construction Management and Supervision

KaiZult brings its innovative approach in Program and Project Management to its Construction Management Services, combining them into a comprehensive PMCM suite of services.

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Asset Management and BIM

KaiZult develops and implements innovative asset management strategies that optimize asset performance and useful life by balancing capital investment with maintenance and operational needs to improve durability, serviceability and safety, while reducing performance risk.

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Engineering Outsourcing

KaiZult utilizes its Project Management and Design Management expertise, systems, and processes to facilitate the Outsourcing of design & engineering services worldwide for developers, consultants, and contractors.

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Management Consulting

KaiZult provides management consulting services to developers, consultants, and construction firms that are interested in the application of Kaizen processes in the construction industry.

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